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Founder and Partner

The true value of a business can only be assessed in terms of its full social impact and I believe that focussing on profit alone is no longer enough. We now need something new, something broader in its ambition and scope. It is time to take a broader definition of value creation and build a sustainable alternative to the old models of extractive capitalism. To redefine how wealth is created, both financially and in the hearts of everyone involved in creating a company. To reboot the established ways of working to create places of work that have a real sense of meaning and belonging where all stakeholders are considered.

I founded 53° with Chris to ignite systemic, sustainable change in the world of business. To utilise our decades worth of experience building digital businesses with award winning cultures. To evidence a replicable culture of ambition, fun and belonging as we create true value. Value for our investors. Value for the entrepreneurs we support. Value for society at large.

I founded 53° to make my children proud by taking an active hand in creating a fairer future for everyone. This will be done by creating superior investment returns and by directing the profits from this venture into social projects.

Jason Stockwood: Team
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