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Founder and Partner

I feel privileged to have had the chances that have been given to me of the last 40 years. The family and friends I have been brought up around. The free education that was put on a plate for me. And the opportunities that have been given to me at work.

True. I have worked hard. Whilst the industry set a low bar, I challenged the status quo, creating a business that has stood out from its peers in terms of technological vision, a desire to deliver value for all stakeholders and grounded in a necessity to have some fun along the way. I am proud of the lives it has impacted and the success it continues to have.

But I don’t feel I have worked harder than the next person and I want the same opportunities to be created for my own kids, indeed, every child, irrespective of their social background or postcode.

I have learnt along the way that capital, and where and how it flows, has created a world of inequality that is both unfair and unjust.

By creating 53° I want to go some way to redressing this balance.

Applying the expertise I have learnt of scaling a successful, global FinTech business, with a desire to work with ambitious, socially minded entrepreneurs, I believe there is a new model of capitalism that can redress the balance and replenish the hearts of societies lost on the destructive path of the past. 53° is the foundation of that model. A new model that my kids will read about at school and tell their friends that their dad did that.

Chris Slater: Team
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